Young Miko's "Lisa" is a Latin trap anthem celebrating female attraction in all its forms with bold confidence.

Puerto Rican rapper Young Miko isn’t afraid to push boundaries. Her song “Lisa” is a prime example, taking the Latin trap scene by storm with its infectious beat, razor-sharp wordplay, and an unapologetic celebration of female attraction.

“Lisa” transcends the typical themes of love songs. Gone are the expectations of a singular muse. Instead, Miko raps about being captivated by a variety of women, appreciating their unique personalities and styles. Lines like “Si le gusta fumar sin apuro” (If she likes to smoke without rushing) and “Risa de Kissimmee” (A laugh from Kissimmee) paint a picture of diverse women who each hold Miko’s attention.

This appreciation extends beyond personality. The lyric “Me gustan gorditas y también flaquitas” (I like them thick and also skinny) dismantles conventional beauty standards in a single line. Miko’s openness and inclusivity are refreshing, reminding listeners that attraction comes in many forms.

But “Lisa” isn’t just about physical attraction. Miko weaves in subtle hints about her ability to spoil her partners, mentioning “Gucci” and “dolce vita” (the good life). This combination of confidence, charisma, and genuine appreciation for women creates a captivating soundscape that empowers and entertains.

The accompanying music video further amplifies the song’s message. Vibrant visuals showcase a diverse group of women alongside Miko, celebrating individuality and self-expression. This visual representation underscores the core theme of “Lisa” – attraction isn’t limited by societal expectations, but rather thrives on the unique qualities each person possesses.

Young Miko’s “Lisa” is a breath of fresh air in the Latin trap scene. It’s a song that celebrates female beauty in all its forms, challenges traditional notions of love interests, and exudes confidence that’s both infectious and empowering. So crank up the volume and let “Lisa” remind you to embrace your desires and appreciate the captivating diversity of the world around you.

Fun Fact

Though Miko has collaborated with big names since “Lisa,” this song holds a special place as it was one of her first releases, entirely self-produced with beats downloaded from YouTube! This showcases her resourcefulness and early dedication to her craft.

About the Artist

Young Miko, born Maria Victoria Ramirez de Arellano Cardona, isn’t your typical Latin trap artist. This Puerto Rican powerhouse started her artistic journey not with music, but with ink. She honed her skills as a tattoo artist for several years, the income from which helped her fund her true passion: music.

In 2018, fueled by a love for hip-hop, rock, and reggae, Miko began recording her own songs. Using a microphone bought with tattoo earnings, she experimented with beats downloaded from YouTube and uploaded her creations to SoundCloud under the moniker Young Miko. Her dedication paid off in 2021 with the release of her debut single “105 Freestyle.”