What’s a VJ?

An MTV VJ, or Video Jockey, was a television personality who introduced and discussed music videos on the cable television channel MTV. VJs were typically young, hip, and knowledgeable about music, and they played an important role in shaping the MTV brand.

The first MTV VJs were Mark Goodman, Martha Quinn, Alan Hunter, J.J. Jackson, and Nina Blackwood. They were all hired in 1981, and they quickly became stars. They were known for their on-air banter, their sense of fashion, and their enthusiasm for music.

MTV VJs were more than just presenters of music videos. They were also tastemakers, and they helped to introduce new artists and genres of music to a wider audience. They also played an important role in MTV’s early success, and they helped to make the channel a cultural phenomenon.

As MTV evolved, so did the role of the VJ. In the 1990s, MTV began to focus more on reality programming and less on music videos. As a result, the role of the VJ became less important, and many of the original VJs left the network.

Today, there are still some VJs on MTV, but they play a much smaller role than they did in the network’s early days. However, the VJs of the 1980s and 1990s are still remembered fondly by many, and they helped to shape the MTV brand into what it is today.

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