A melancholic pop ballad with a hopeful undercurrent, reflecting on past mistakes and yearning for a brighter future.

Cannons, the Nashville-based indie pop trio, has a knack for weaving heartfelt lyrics with catchy melodies. Their latest single, “Sweeter,” is a prime example, offering a dose of sweet nostalgia wrapped in a modern pop soundscape.

Melancholic Yet Uplifting: The song opens with a gentle piano melody, setting a melancholic tone that perfectly complements the lyrics about past mistakes and yearning for reconciliation. However, as the song progresses, uplifting synths and rhythmic beats build, creating a sense of hope and a belief in brighter days ahead.

Honest Vulnerability: Lead singer Macaulay Jacober’s vocals exude raw emotion. Lines like “Thank you in my head again / Thank you again it’s just / Thank you, I was wrong, let you down again” showcase a vulnerability that resonates with anyone who has experienced regret or a strained relationship.

Modern Pop Appeal: Despite its introspective lyrics, “Sweeter” doesn’t shy away from pop sensibilities. The catchy chorus and danceable production ensure the song remains accessible to a wide audience.

A Song for Reflection: “Sweeter” is a song that lingers long after the last note fades. It invites listeners to reflect on past experiences, embrace vulnerability, and ultimately, find solace in the possibility of a brighter future.

Fun Fact

The song title “Sweeter” has a double meaning. On the surface, it refers to the hope for a better future and a potentially sweeter relationship. However, some fans have pointed out that the song itself was actually written during a particularly difficult period for the band. In that sense, “Sweeter” could also be seen as a testament to the band’s creative spirit and their ability to find inspiration even in challenging times.

About the Artist

Cannons is a Los Angeles-based band formed in 2013, consisting of Michelle Joy (vocals), Ryan Clapham (drums), and Paul Davis (guitar and keys). Known for their dreamy and nostalgic sound blending elements of indie pop, electronic, and disco, Cannons gained popularity with their breakthrough single “Fire for You” in 2017.

Their music often features lush synthscapes, catchy melodies, and Joy’s ethereal vocals, creating a captivating sonic landscape. Since then, they have continued to release acclaimed singles and albums, earning them a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim in the indie music scene.

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