Who is Tinashe? These are her best music videos.

New to Tinashe and hooked on the fierce vibe of “Nasty”? Buckle up for a wild ride! Tinashe’s music videos are known for their stunning visuals, intricate choreography, and a healthy dose of attitude. From smooth R&B grooves to dancefloor anthems, here’s a look at some of her best videos that showcase her artistry and might just turn you into a full-fledged Tinashe fan.

2 On

Her original hit that made her a name, Tinashe’s debut single “2 On” featuring ScHoolboy Q is a slinky R&B club track with a touch of electro and trap. It celebrates living life to the fullest and feeling a carefree, euphoric buzz.


Tinashe’s “Pasadena” blends elements of R&B and pop with a sample of Outkast’s “Hey Ya.” The song is a nostalgic look back at her California roots, filled with positive vibes and a sense of growth and new beginnings.


A confident and flirty R&B bop, “Needs” by Tinashe showcases her smooth vocals and playful lyrics. It describes her undeniable attraction to someone and her desire for a night of passion.

Save Room for Us

In “Save Room For Us,” Tinashe confronts the ache of a fading relationship, yet holds onto hope for rekindling the love with lyrics that pulsate with a danceable urgency.


“Superlove” is a bright and infectious pop anthem with a touch of Miami bass, celebrating an all-encompassing love that feels like pure summer joy. It boasts playful raps and a confident declaration that her love is unlike anything else.

All Hands on Deck

“All Hands on Deck” is a high-energy crunk&B and snap song, featuring a prominent pan flute breakdown and a club-friendly beat. It’s a confident anthem about rebounding after a breakup, filled with dancefloor-ready instructions and themes of self-empowerment.


In “Bouncin,” Tinashe turns up the heat with a vibrant R&B track that boasts about her confidence and self-assured swagger. The infectious melody and playful lyrics celebrate her undeniable charm and leave you wanting to dance along.

Slumber Party

Britney Spears’ original version of “Slumber Party” was a solo track focusing on the carefree fun of a girls’ night in. However, the remix featuring Tinashe injects a new energy with rapping verses, transforming the song into a collaboration that celebrates female empowerment and late-night revelry.

Talk To Me Nice

In “Talk To Me Nice,” Tinashe explores the complexities of relationships with a dark, electronic-tinged R&B sound. The lyrics express a desire for open communication and avoiding conflict with a partner, hinting at a rocky patch that could be resolved with better communication.

Die a Little Bit

With its throwback 90s house beat and breathy vocals, Tinashe’s “Die A Little Bit” explores the dark allure of numbing emotional pain with partying and vices. Despite the upbeat production, the lyrics reveal a deeper struggle, hinting at a bittersweet choice to escape difficult emotions through temporary highs.

Love Line

In collaboration with Shift K3Y, Tinashe adds her sweet vocals to this super catchy dance track.


Tinashe’s “X” is a simmering R&B track featuring Jeremih, originally intended as a collaboration with Ariana Grande. With its suggestive lyrics about desire, the song takes on a confident and playful tone.


In “Naturally,” Tinashe sings about yearning for a lost love, weaving a seductive melody with lyrics that hint at a powerful chemistry that can’t be denied.

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