With introspective lyrics and a shimmering soundscape, "Deeper Well" by Kacey Musgraves marks a personal transformation, embracing self-discovery and letting go to find her own source of strength and fulfillment.

Kacey Musgraves has never been afraid to explore the depths of her emotions in her music. From the introspective ballads of “Golden Hour” to the heartbreak anthems of “Star-Crossed,” she’s established herself as a songwriter who lays her soul bare, resonating with listeners on a deeply personal level. Her latest single, “Deeper Well,” marks a new chapter in her artistic journey, one of self-discovery, personal growth, and letting go.

With its fingerpicked acoustic guitar and shimmering keys, “Deeper Well” paints a picture of introspection and quiet resolve. The opening lines, “My Saturn has returned / When I turned 27 everything started to change,” reference the astrological concept of Saturn’s return, a period of personal transformation and reckoning. This sets the stage for a song that delves into Musgraves’ reflections on her past and her choices, acknowledging harmful habits and embracing a new path.

The lyrics offer a glimpse into this evolution. Lines like “So I’m saying goodbye to the people who I feel are real good at wasting my time” and “I don’t know why, now it seems, I’m getting rid of the habits that I feel are real good at wasting my time” speak to a conscious decision to shed toxic influences and reclaim her personal energy. This theme of self-awareness and positive change resonates with anyone who has ever embarked on a personal journey of growth, whether it’s leaving behind unhealthy relationships, overcoming limiting beliefs, or simply shedding outdated habits.

But “Deeper Well” isn’t just about letting go; it’s also about finding something new. The chorus, “I found a deeper well where my spirit can reside / My heart is an open field / Let the good things multiply,” hints at a newfound sense of peace and hope. This deeper well represents a connection to her authentic self, a source of strength and resilience that empowers her to navigate the challenges life throws her way.

The music video further amplifies the song’s message. Shot in muted tones with symbolic imagery, it features Musgraves wandering through a desert landscape, eventually stepping into a well of light. This visual journey parallels her internal transformation, leaving behind the shadows of the past and embracing the possibilities that lie ahead.

Fun Fact

Did you know Kacey Musgraves originally wrote “Follow Your Arrow” as a response to critics who questioned her music not being “country” enough? The song, which became a massive hit and an anthem for individuality, was born out of her defiance against conforming to industry expectations and staying true to her artistic vision. This fun fact highlights her independent spirit and commitment to authenticity, which resonates throughout her music and career.

About the Artist

Kacey Musgraves, born on August 21, 1988, in Golden, Texas, is a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter known for her innovative blend of country, pop, and folk music. Raised in a small town, Musgraves began writing songs at an early age and honed her craft while performing in local talent shows and festivals. In 2013, she gained widespread recognition with her breakthrough album “Same Trailer Different Park,” which featured the hit single “Follow Your Arrow.” Known for her witty and poignant lyrics, Musgraves explores themes of love, identity, and self-expression in her music, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. Over the years, she has continued to push the boundaries of country music, earning numerous awards and accolades, including multiple Grammy Awards. With her distinctive voice and unique perspective, Kacey Musgraves has become a trailblazing figure in contemporary country music, inspiring listeners around the world with her heartfelt songs and authentic storytelling.

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