An electrifying and satirical musical feast that celebrates the joy of indulgence while offering a thought-provoking commentary on consumerism, all set to a pulsating beat that's impossible to resist.`

Fun Fact

Taco Tuesday was originally trademarked by the fast-food chain Taco John’s in 1989. However, the phrase itself had been around for many years before that, and it is thought to have originated in California in the 1970s. Taco John’s trademarked the phrase in order to promote their taco specials on Tuesdays. The trademark expired in 2009, and since then, Taco Tuesday has become a popular promotion for many different restaurants and bars. Taco Tuesday is a great way to enjoy delicious tacos at a discounted price. It is also a fun way to get together with friends and family for a casual meal.

About the Artist

LITTLE BIG is a genre-defying electronic music sensation hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, known for their audacious blend of music, visuals, and social commentary. Formed in 2013, the group is a collective of eclectic artists, including Ilya Bortnyuk, Sergey Gokk Makarov, Olympia Ivleva, and Sonya Tayurskaya. LITTLE BIG’s rise to international fame can be attributed to their fearless and eccentric approach to music, which often features elements of electronic, pop, and hip-hop genres, combined with satirical lyrics and visually striking music videos.

With a reputation for pushing artistic boundaries, LITTLE BIG has garnered a dedicated global fan base and is celebrated for their unapologetic and thought-provoking artistry, making them a standout force in the contemporary music scene.

About the Song

LITTLE BIG’s “TACOS” is a food-fueled celebration of the good life. The song is a catchy and upbeat ode to the popular Mexican dish, and it features a fun and quirky music video that is sure to get stuck in your head.

The song begins with a simple guitar riff and a vocal declaration of love for tacos. The lyrics are simple but effective, and they perfectly capture the joy of eating a delicious taco.

The chorus of the song is particularly catchy, and it is sure to get stuck in your head after just one listen. The chorus goes:

Tacos, tacos, tacos, tacos Tacos, tacos, tacos, tacos Tacos, tacos, tacos, tacos Tacos, tacos, tacos, tacos

The second verse of the song is more introspective, and it talks about the importance of enjoying the simple things in life. The lyrics go:

I like to eat, you like to eat Everybody wanna have a dinner like me I like to eat, you like to eat Everybody wanna have a dinner like me

The bridge of the song is a celebration of all things food, and it features a list of different dishes from all over the world. The lyrics go:

Curry, sushi, borscht Tacos, burritos, nachos Pizza, spaghetti, borscht Curry, sushi, borscht

The song ends with a reprise of the chorus, and it leaves the listener with a sense of joy and satisfaction.

The music video for “TACOS” is just as fun and quirky as the song itself. The video features the members of LITTLE BIG dressed as different food items, and they perform a series of dance moves that are sure to make you laugh.

The video is a celebration of food and the joy of life, and it is sure to put a smile on your face.

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