"When The Curtain Falls" by Greta Van Fleet is a high-energy rock anthem that showcases the band's dynamic musicianship, soaring vocals, and vintage-inspired sound, reminiscent of classic rock legends.

In a musical landscape often dominated by electronic beats and synthesized sounds, Greta Van Fleet emerged as a beacon of hope for rock enthusiasts craving a return to the raw energy and soulful melodies of classic rock. With their breakout hit “When The Curtain Falls,” this young American rock band showcased their immense talent and captivated audiences with their dynamic sound reminiscent of rock legends from the past.

A Rising Rock Force: Greta Van Fleet, hailing from Frankenmuth, Michigan, consists of lead vocalist Josh Kiszka, guitarist Jake Kiszka, bassist Sam Kiszka, and drummer Danny Wagner. Formed in 2012, the band quickly garnered attention for their electrifying live performances and ability to channel the spirit of rock icons such as Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith while infusing their own modern flair. “When The Curtain Falls” served as a breakthrough for the band, catapulting them into the mainstream and solidifying their status as a rising force in the rock genre.

Unleashing the Power: Released on July 17, 2018, “When The Curtain Falls” immediately made an impact with its explosive guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and Josh Kiszka’s captivating vocals. The song opens with a gritty guitar riff that sets the stage for an exhilarating musical journey. Greta Van Fleet’s knack for creating infectious hooks and soaring choruses is on full display as the song builds to an anthemic climax, carrying listeners on a rollercoaster of energy and emotion.

A Classic Rock Sound with a Modern Twist: One of the unique aspects of Greta Van Fleet’s music is their ability to pay homage to the classic rock sound while adding their own contemporary twist. “When The Curtain Falls” captures this fusion perfectly, drawing inspiration from the likes of Led Zeppelin and other rock legends but infusing it with a youthful energy and freshness. The band’s commitment to authenticity shines through in every note, capturing the essence of a bygone era while also appealing to a new generation of rock enthusiasts.

Fun Fact

A fun fact about the song “When The Curtain Falls” by Greta Van Fleet is that it marked the band’s first entry on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart, where it peaked at number one. This achievement solidified their status as a rising force in the rock music scene and introduced them to a wider audience.

About the Artist

Greta Van Fleet is an American rock band formed in 2012 in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Consisting of members Josh Kiszka (vocals), Jake Kiszka (guitar), Sam Kiszka (bass), and Danny Wagner (drums), the band quickly gained attention for their classic rock-inspired sound and captivating live performances. Drawing inspiration from iconic rock acts like Led Zeppelin, Greta Van Fleet channels the energy and spirit of the golden age of rock while infusing it with their own youthful energy and modern sensibilities. With their powerful vocals, blistering guitar solos, and tight rhythm section, the band has revitalized the rock genre and captured the hearts of fans around the world, becoming one of the most exciting rock acts of their generation.