A powerful and anthemic indie pop song about resilience and strength.

Fun Fact

Despite the song being released in 2017, it gained massive popularity on TikTok in 2020, after the “Dreams” challenge that featured the Fleetwood Mac song went viral on the platform. Users started using “Hurricane” as a background track for their own videos, leading to a surge in streams and popularity for the band. The song even entered the Billboard Alternative chart in October 2020, three years after its initial release. This is a testament to the power of social media in breaking new artists and bringing attention to overlooked songs.

About the Band

Cannons is an American indie pop band formed in 2013 in Los Angeles. The band consists of lead vocalist Michelle Joy, guitarist Ryan Clapham, and keyboardist and bassist Paul Davis. Cannons have released two studio albums, Night Drive (2017) and Shadows (2019). The band’s music has been described as “dream pop”, “synth-pop”, and “indie pop”. Cannons have toured with artists such as Bleachers, The xx, and The 1975.

The band’s sound is characterized by Michelle Joy’s ethereal vocals, Ryan Clapham’s lush production, and Paul Davis’s driving basslines. Cannons’ music has been praised for its dreamy melodies, catchy hooks, and sophisticated production. The band has quickly become one of the most exciting new acts in indie pop.

About the Song

Cannons is a band from Los Angeles that creates music that is a blend of electronic and indie pop. The trio has been making waves in the music industry since their formation in 2013. One of their most popular songs is “Hurricane,” a track that has been praised for its unique blend of genres and introspective lyrics.

“Hurricane” is a song that explores the tumultuous nature of relationships. The track is built around a pulsing electronic beat that sets the tone for the song. Lead singer Michelle Joy’s ethereal vocals are layered on top, creating a dreamy and atmospheric sound. The song builds to a crescendo in the chorus, where Joy’s voice is joined by a driving bassline and soaring synths.

One of the standout aspects of “Hurricane” is its clever use of metaphors to explore the themes of the song. The titular “hurricane” represents the emotional turmoil that can come with a relationship. Joy sings about how she’s “trying to hold on tight,” but the hurricane keeps pulling her under. The song’s bridge features the memorable line, “You’re a hurricane and I’m standing in your eye,” which perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being caught up in a tumultuous relationship.

Overall, “Hurricane” is a standout track that showcases Cannons’ unique blend of electronic and indie pop. The song’s introspective lyrics and dreamy sound make it a standout piece of music that is sure to stick with listeners long after they’ve finished listening.

Fun fact about the song or video Hurricane by Cannons:

Despite its popularity, “Hurricane” was not originally intended to be a single. The song was released as part of Cannons’ debut album, “Shadowcasting,” in 2019. However, after the song gained traction on TikTok, the band decided to release it as a single in 2020. The decision paid off, as “Hurricane” quickly became one of Cannons’ most popular tracks, racking up millions of streams on Spotify and YouTube.