A dreamy, atmospheric ballad about a lost love.

Lana Del Rey and Jon Batiste have teamed up for a new song called “Candy Necklace.” The song is a dreamy, atmospheric ballad that finds Del Rey singing about a lost love. Batiste’s piano playing adds a touch of elegance to the track, and his vocals blend beautifully with Del Rey’s.

The song is about a woman who is trying to move on from a relationship that has ended. She is still haunted by memories of her lover, and she can’t seem to let go. She sings about how she used to wear a candy necklace that her lover gave her, and how she can’t bear to look at it anymore.

The song is a beautiful and heartbreaking ballad that captures the pain of lost love. Del Rey’s vocals are stunning, and Batiste’s piano playing is simply exquisite.

Fun Fact

The song was released on March 10, 2023 as the lead single from Del Rey’s seventh studio album, “Blue Banisters.” It was written by Del Rey, Batiste, and her longtime collaborator Rick Nowels.

About the Artist

Lana Del Rey is an American singer-songwriter who rose to fame in 2011 with the release of her debut album, “Born to Die.” Her music is characterized by its dreamy, atmospheric sound and its lyrics about love, loss, and glamour.

Del Rey has released five studio albums, all of which have been commercially successful. She has also won numerous awards, including a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album. Del Rey is known for her unique style, which is often inspired by 1950s and 1960s Americana. She is also a vocal advocate for feminism and LGBTQ+ rights.

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