An upbeat hip-hop track about the artists' hustle and success.

Released earlier this year, “Lottery” is a catchy hip-hop track by American rapper and songwriter Latto, featuring Canadian singer-songwriter LU KALA. The song is part of Latto’s debut album, “Queen of Da Souf”, which explores her experiences growing up in Atlanta and the challenges she faced in the music industry as a young, female rapper. In “Lottery”, Latto raps about her success and the perks of fame, while LU KALA’s melodic vocals add a soulful touch to the chorus.

The song’s upbeat tempo, catchy hook, and playful lyrics have made it a hit among fans of hip-hop and R&B, and it has become one of Latto’s most popular tracks to date. Overall, “Lottery” showcases Latto’s skills as a rapper and her ability to blend different genres and styles to create a fresh, modern sound.

Fun Fact

The song’s music video was directed by Chandler Lass and features Latto and LU KALA cruising through Las Vegas in a limousine and hitting up a casino before finding themselves at a wedding chapel. The video is fun and upbeat, and it perfectly captures the song’s empowering message.

About the Artists

Latto, born Alyssa Michelle Stephens, is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. She began her music career in 2016, releasing her debut mixtape, Big Latto, in 2017. Her second mixtape, Mulatto, was released in 2019 and featured the hit single “B*tch from da Souf”. In 2020, Latto signed a record deal with RCA Records. Her debut studio album, 777, is set to be released in 2023.

LU KALA is a Canadian singer and songwriter based in Toronto. She is known for her unique blend of R&B, pop, and soul music. LU KALA first gained recognition with her single “Want You,” which was released in 2019. LU KALA’s music has been praised for its emotional depth and raw honesty, and she has been compared to artists like Jorja Smith and Sabrina Claudio.

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