A powerful and anthemic new wave song that became an iconic 80s classic.

Fun Fact

One interesting fact about the song “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds is that it was originally written by Keith Forsey and Steve Schiff for the soundtrack of the iconic 1985 movie “The Breakfast Club.” However, the song was almost not recorded by Simple Minds, as they initially turned down the opportunity to record it.

According to Simple Minds lead singer Jim Kerr, the band was hesitant to record a song that they hadn’t written themselves, as they had always prided themselves on being a self-contained unit. It was only after the song’s producers convinced them to record a demo that they were won over.

Interestingly, the band was never fully satisfied with their final recording of the song. They felt that they could have done better and that the recording lacked the energy and power that they brought to their own songs. Nevertheless, the song went on to become a massive hit and remains a classic example of 80s pop-rock.

About the Artists

Simple Minds are a Scottish rock band formed in Glasgow in 1977. They are best known for their hit singles “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, “Alive and Kicking”, and “Belfast Child”. The band has released 18 studio albums, and have sold over 60 million records worldwide. Simple Minds are considered one of the most successful Scottish bands of all time.

The band’s current lineup consists of Jim Kerr (vocals), Charlie Burchill (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Derek Forbes (bass), and Leese (drums). Simple Minds have continued to tour and release music in recent years, and they remain one of the most popular live bands in the world.

About the Song

“Don’t You (Forget About Me)” is an iconic song by Scottish rock band Simple Minds, released in 1985. The song has been featured in numerous movies and TV shows, and is considered one of the quintessential tracks of the 80s. The accompanying music video, directed by Daniel Kleinman, features the band performing the song in a dark, atmospheric club setting.

The song was originally written by Keith Forsey and Steve Schiff for the soundtrack of the film “The Breakfast Club.” The band initially turned down the offer to record the song, but after encouragement from their label, they agreed to give it a shot. Lead singer Jim Kerr was initially hesitant about the song, but as they began to work on it, he grew to appreciate its catchy melody and anthemic quality.

“Don’t You (Forget About Me)” became a massive hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. The song’s success helped propel Simple Minds to greater heights, and cemented their status as one of the premier bands of the 80s.

The song’s lyrics are often interpreted as a plea for unity and understanding in a world that can often feel isolating and divided. Lines like “Won’t you come see about me? I’ll be alone, dancing, you know it, baby” and “Hey, hey, hey, hey, ohhhh… Don’t you forget about me” suggest a desire for connection and recognition.

In the years since its release, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” has been covered by numerous artists, and remains a staple of 80s playlists and movie soundtracks. The song’s enduring popularity is a testament to its timeless appeal and enduring message.

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