"Chronicles" is a smooth, soulful track about love and loss, featuring the talents of Cordae, H.E.R., and Lil Durk.

Rapper Cordae has released a new song called “Chronicles,” featuring H.E.R. and Lil Durk. The song is a smooth, soulful track about love and loss. Cordae’s vocals are smooth and effortless, while H.E.R.’s soulful vocals add a touch of sweetness to the song. Lil Durk’s verse is gritty and realistic, providing a contrast to the other two artists’ more laid-back vocals.

The song’s lyrics are about love and loss. Cordae sings about finding love in a place that is unexpected, and he also sings about the pain of losing someone you love. The song’s message is one of hope and resilience. Despite the pain of loss, Cordae sings about finding strength in love and moving on.

The song’s production is smooth and soulful. The beat is a slow, funky groove that provides a perfect backdrop for the song’s vocals. The song’s instrumentation is simple but effective, with a focus on piano, bass, and drums.

“Chronicles” is a great song from Cordae, H.E.R., and Lil Durk. The song is a smooth, soulful track about love and loss. The song’s lyrics are powerful and the production is smooth and soulful.

Fun Fact

Cordae, originally known as YBN Cordae, gained significant attention and recognition after his remix of J. Cole’s song “1985” went viral in 2018. Despite achieving widespread recognition and success, H.E.R. managed to keep her true identity concealed for a significant period of time. In the early stages of her career, she chose to remain anonymous, wearing sunglasses and obscuring her face during performances and public appearances. This mysterious persona added intrigue to her artistry and allowed the focus to be solely on her music, creating a unique connection with her audience. It wasn’t until 2017 that H.E.R.’s true identity as Gabi Wilson was revealed, surprising many fans and industry insiders.

About the Artists

Cordae is a visionary rapper hailing from Maryland, USA, who has quickly risen to prominence in the music industry. Born as Cordae Amari Dunston in 1997, he began his journey as a hip-hop artist under the name YBN Cordae before transitioning to a solo career. Known for his introspective and socially conscious lyrics, Cordae has garnered critical acclaim and a devoted fan base for his ability to seamlessly blend storytelling with intricate wordplay. His artistry has made him a respected voice in the industry, tackling pressing issues with authenticity and poetic flair.

H.E.R., an acronym for “Having Everything Revealed,” is the stage name of Gabi Wilson, an immensely talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Born in 1997 in California, USA, H.E.R. burst onto the scene in 2016, captivating audiences with her soulful and emotionally charged vocals. With her signature style blending elements of R&B, soul, and contemporary influences, she has earned numerous accolades, including Grammy Awards, for her soul-stirring performances and thought-provoking songwriting.

Lil Durk, born as Durk Derrick Banks in 1992, is a Chicago-born rapper and songwriter known for his unique blend of drill, trap, and melodic rap. Rising from humble beginnings, Lil Durk emerged as a prominent figure in the drill music scene, capturing listeners with his raw storytelling and distinctive vocal delivery. With a discography that showcases his versatility, from gritty street anthems to introspective tracks, Lil Durk has solidified his place as one of the leading voices in contemporary hip-hop, consistently delivering music that resonates with a wide range of audiences.

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