RAYE's new pop, R&B, and hip hop song featuring Coi Leray is a song-of-the-summer contender.

The song’s title is a reference to the popular phrase “flip the switch,” which is used to describe the act of changing your perspective or attitude. In the song, RAYE and Coi Leray use the phrase to represent the act of leaving a toxic relationship and finding happiness on their own terms.

Collaborative Chemistry: The collaboration between RAYE and Coi Leray in “Flip A Switch” showcases a seamless blend of their distinct styles. RAYE, known for her powerful vocals and emotive performances, beautifully harmonizes with Coi Leray’s dynamic flow and commanding presence. The combination of RAYE’s soulful sound and Coi Leray’s rap verses creates an electric energy that elevates the track to new heights. Their collaborative chemistry adds depth and texture to the song, highlighting the unique strengths each artist brings to the table.

Fun Fact

The music video for “Flip A Switch” by RAYE ft. Coi Leray was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who has also worked with top artists like Ariana Grande, Halsey, and Demi Lovato, adding her signature visual style to the empowering message of the song.

About the Artist

RAYE, born Rachel Agatha Keen on October 24, 1997, is a British singer, songwriter, and rising pop sensation. Hailing from London, England, RAYE burst onto the music scene with her unique blend of soulful vocals, infectious melodies, and relatable lyrics. With her early hits like “Decline” and “Cigarette,” she quickly gained recognition for her captivating voice and ability to convey raw emotions through her music.

RAYE’s career has been marked by collaborations with notable artists and producers, including Jax Jones, David Guetta, and Jonas Blue. Her distinctive sound, which seamlessly fuses pop, R&B, and electronic elements, has garnered widespread acclaim and earned her a dedicated fan base.

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