"Worlds Away" is a soulful and emotional song about the pain of a long-distance relationship.

Emerging R&B singer Chxrry22 is back with her new single “Worlds Away.” Produced by Camper, “Worlds Away” explores the heartwrenching feeling of a long-distance relationship slowly fading away.

The song opens with Chxrry22 singing about how she and her partner are growing apart. “Running out of space, running out of time,” she sings. “Hundred miles away, I’m losing my mind.”

As the song progresses, Chxrry22 sings about how she’s trying to make the relationship work, but it’s not easy. “I should take a train but I would take a while,” she sings. “I could FaceTime you but it’s not the same.”

The song reaches its climax when Chxrry22 sings about how she feels like she’s worlds away from her partner. “I feel like we’re worlds away,” she sings. “I don’t know how to get back to you.”

“Worlds Away” is a powerful and emotional song that captures the pain of a long-distance relationship. Chxrry22’s vocals are raw and honest, and the song’s production is haunting and atmospheric.

Fun Fact

Chxrry22’s stage name is a combination of her real name, Cherry, and her favorite number, 22. “I don’t know about you…but I’m feelin’ twenty-twoowoo!”

About the Artist

Chxrry22 is an Ethiopian-Canadian R&B singer-songwriter from Scarborough, Toronto. She began posting covers of popular songs on social media in 2017, and quickly gained a following.

In 2019, she signed with XO Records, the label co-founded by The Weeknd. Her debut EP, “The Other Side,” was released in 2022. Chxrry22 is known for her soulful vocals and her honest songwriting.

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