A catchy, empowering R&B/rap song about self-love and confidence.

Karlae, the rising Atlanta rapper and fashion designer, dropped her highly-anticipated debut EP titled “Karlae Vibes” in May 2021. The EP is a five-song project, with the highlight being “I Like” featuring rising rapper Coi Leray. Produced by multi-platinum producer Smash David, the song serves as an anthem for women who know their worth and aren’t afraid to flaunt it.

The infectious beat, laced with heavy bass and melodic samples, provides a perfect backdrop for Karlae and Coi Leray to showcase their respective flows and personalities. The chorus is a catchy and confident declaration of self-love and independence, with Karlae and Coi Leray trading verses that highlight their individuality and fierce personalities. With “I Like,” Karlae has delivered a standout track that cements her status as an artist to watch in the hip-hop scene.

The song is a trap song with a catchy melody and upbeat tempo. The lyrics are about Karlae and Coi Leray expressing their confidence and self-love. The song has been praised by critics for its catchy melody, empowering lyrics, and Karlae and Coi Leray’s strong vocals.

Fun Fact

The song was inspired by Karlae’s own journey to self-love and confidence. She wrote the song as a reminder to herself and others that it’s okay to be confident and to love yourself, no matter what anyone else says.

About the Artist

Karlae and Coi Leray are two American rappers who have collaborated on several songs, including the hit single “I Like.” Karlae is signed to Quality Control Music, while Coi Leray is signed to Warner Records. Both rappers are known for their confident and outspoken personalities, and their music is often about female empowerment. Karlae is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, while Coi Leray is originally from Boston, Massachusetts. They both moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue their music careers. Karlae has been rapping since she was a teenager, and she released her debut mixtape, “Karlae,” in 2017. Coi Leray released her debut mixtape, “Everything Coi Leray,” in 2018. Both rappers have been praised for their unique styles and their ability to connect with their fans.

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