Top 10 Music Videos of 2023

She called it over ten years ago but Beyonce was right. Who runs the world? Girls. Music in 2023 was completely dominated by women. From sultry r&b, boppin’ hip hop, retro vibes, to world famous pop, these are our top 10 videos of the year.

10. Tyla – Water

A rising pop star known for her soulful vocals and poignant lyrics, Tyla delivers a calming ballad about finding peace in “Water.” This track showcases her vulnerability and introspective songwriting.

9. Coi Leray – Players

New Jersey rapper and influencer Coi Leray brings her sassy attitude and fiery flow to “Players.” This anthem empowers women to reclaim their power in relationships and avoid being played.

8. Janelle Monáe – Lipstick Lover

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Janelle Monáe is known for her genre-bending music and empowering message. “Lipstick Lover” is a playful and funky track celebrating individuality and self-love with a touch of mystery.

7. Olivia Rodrigo – bad idea right?

Teen pop phenomenon Olivia Rodrigo continues to explore heartbreak and vulnerability in “bad idea right?” This relatable ballad resonates with anyone questioning a new relationship and the potential for hurt.

6. SZA – Snooze

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter SZA delivers a signature dreamy and laid-back track in “Snooze.” This song encourages self-care and ignoring the world with a touch of humor and relatable lyrics.

5. Cannons – Loving You

Indie pop duo Cannons are known for their heartfelt lyrics and soft melodies. “Loving You” is a sweet and sentimental ballad exploring the joy and vulnerability of falling in love.

4. Victoria Monét – Party Girls

Award-winning singer-songwriter and former Ariana Grande collaborator Victoria Monét brings her energetic vocals and uplifting message to “Party Girls.” This anthem celebrates female friendship and enjoying life with a catchy beat.

3. Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice – Barbie World (with Aqua)

Rap icon Nicki Minaj teams up with rising rapper Ice Spice to put their fiery spin on Aqua’s classic “Barbie World.” This nostalgic remix combines Minaj’s signature storytelling with Ice Spice’s cutting-edge rap verses on a modern production.

2. Taylor Swift ft. Ice Spice – Karma

Pop superstar Taylor Swift joins forces with Ice Spice to deliver a powerful and vengeful anthem in “Karma.” This track features Swift’s signature storytelling and Ice Spice’s cutting-edge rap verses, creating a song about getting even with those who wronged you.

1. Tinashe – Needs

R&B singer-songwriter Tinashe is known for her smooth vocals and sensual melodies. “Needs” is a slow-burning R&B track exploring longing and desire with a touch of vulnerability and emotional depth.

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